Master in Body Image Management Nursing

Nurse specialising in body image

Hours/ Credit
500 hours. 96 in-person* / 60 ECTS
* 1 weekend every months from September'21 a February22
April 2021
university accreditation
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Master to acquire all necessary skills to work in the area of body image management and dermo-aesthetics.

University ECTS accreditation with  60 ECTS)


  • Discover the skills necessary for the nurse in body image management
  • Fully learn facial anatomy and its physiology
  • Know the different facial and corporal techniques
  • Analyse skin (greasy skin, dry skin, etc.)
  • Prepare proposals for home care and the frequency of visits to the practice
  • Manage complex cases
  • Differentiate facial and corporal treatment options: techniques that are non-invasive, natural, manual, and for the improvement of the epidermis, depending on the age and needs of the patient
  • Learn to improve skin with makeup, visagism, and fashion
  • Learn how to conduct body image management in an oncological aesthetics unit
  • Conduct micropigmentation based on needs: capillary, lips, eyebrows, eyeliner, and areola of the breast
  • Distinguish the different techniques and effects of massage and draining: effects, indications, contraindications
  • Administer treatment of hands and feet
  • Manage a centre or clinic
  • Administer mesotherapy techniques
  • Handle cases in the oncology unit
  • Learn health coaching and healthful habits (nutrition, active living, and stress management)
  • Learn marketing techniques
  • Learn publicity principles, social networks, corporate image management of an enterprise
Docente Núria Sáez en Nus Agency

Núria Sáez Gómez

Graduate in Nursing in Blanquerna, Ramon Llull. Barcelona

Docente Noemi Arasa en Nus Agency

Noemi Arasa Solé

Graduate in Nursing (UAB)

Enfermera Cristina Navalon

Cristina Navalón

Graduate in Nursing

Imma Amenós

Imma Amenós

Graduate in Nursing in Blanquerna, Ramon Llull.

Docente Marta Gil en Nus Agency

Marta Gil Filella

Graduate in Nursing

Docente Nuria Carvalho en Nus Agency

Karen Carvalho

PhD in Psychology.

Doctor Rubén Chacón

Rubén Chacón

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery

Jose Luis Marin Arandia

José Luis Marín

Ingeniero Industrial


Susanna Puchades

Susanna Puchades

Licenciada en Biología por la UB. Profesora.
Diplomada en Aromaterapia, Herboristería, Terapia floral del Dr. Bach y Quiromasaje.

Aránzazu Rubia

Aránzazu Rubia

Degree in psychology  
Logo nus verde

Carlos Petit

Degree in economics

Docente Sergio Ollero en Nus Agency

Sergio Ollero Sánchez

Graduate in Nursing

Enfermera Ruth Diaz. Docente Nus

Ruth Diaz Molina

Graduate in Nursing (UB)

Docente Leidy Ceron en Nus Agency

Leidy Cerón

Graduate in Nursing(UB)




Acquisition of the knowledge and skills, and execution of all the techniques, needed to train as body image management nurses.

The student shall be responsible for his or her study and shall ask pertinent questions on the subject matter during class to the professor or tutor. There will be a self-evaluation for each module as well as a project or case study, as required by the subject matter or professor.

Master class videos, practical videos, forum, an option to undertake five days of intensive in-person practice sessions to be agreed by the group.

Intensive in-person classes for instruction and training in the practical subject matters (manual therapies, micropigmentation, and dermo-aesthetics). Based on the academic schedule, organization in small groups to be agreed, with dates adjusted to possible COVID-19 outbreaks.

Students unable to attend the onsite classes shall receive training through the use of video, photography, and cases studies.



Career opportunities

Development and acquisition of skills in body image management and integral care of the person to work in the body image and dermo-aesthetics care sector.

Private medical clinics or public health centres. Or to start a private independent practice enterprise.

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Formalización de

Precio del curso

Pasos que debes realizar para formalizar la matrícula:

  1. Completa el formulario.
  2. Realiza la transferencia bancaria del importe de la matrícula (500€).
Envía un mail a con el comprobante de pago de la matrícula. En el concepto indica tu nombre y el nombre curso.

Una vez recibidos los datos te enviaremos un email con la información necesaria para empezar el máster.

Número cuenta:


ES57 0081 0093 4800 0201 3107